IT Software & Hardware Solutions for

supporting European Space Agency's operations providing technology and development services for the
Electronic Field Book (EFB) system for the ESA CAVES & PANGAEA astronaut field training campaigns


Space Intelligence Platform

Supporting Commercial Lunar Missions


Operational Mission Planning Software

Multi Robot Operations in subterranean and remote environments
AHRC - Advanced Human Robotic Controller

2018-11-20_Piloting drones_ESA–A. Romeo


Definition of Concepts for Planetary Science & Engineering Operations

Prototyping of Engineering Models for Space Planetary Utilization

Research and Development of Novel Information Exchange & TLC Solutions for Extreme Environments

Interface with Industry & Research Institutes for Innovative Concept Proposals

Machine Learning & Optimization Algorithms for Mission Operations


Space Agencies: analogue campaigns, future lunar exploration missions, planning, mapping, data collection and structured digital information exchange, local decision support, science and geology operations, ISRU, Earth observation and real time analysis.

Citizen Science: agriculture, seismology, hydrology, oceanography, ornithology, education.

Public & Private Scientific Expeditions and Industries: simultaneous multi-team geological mapping, meteorite collection & other geological surveys in remote areas, mineralogical surveys, paleontological / biological / botanical surveys, archaeological research over wide areas, cave research, exploration, mapping, environmental monitoring, mining exploration, management of distributed engineering infrastructures (e.g. GNSS, meteorological monitoring stations).

IT Field Support for Expeditions in Remote Environments

Enabling Information Exchange for European Space Agency's




Science on a tablet
Cave measurements
Cave technology for the sake of science
3D immersion technology for the cave
2018-11-15_Lava tube explorers_ESA–A. Romeo
2018-11-12_Electronic field book_ESA–A. Romeo
2018-11-23_Suited up_ESA–A. Romeo
2018-11-20_Moonwalk_ESA–A. Romeo
2018-11-23_Expedition analysis at mission control_ESA–A. Romeo
2018-11-12_Electronic field book_ESA–A. Romeo

ESA’s Pangaea training course prepares astronauts and space engineers to identify planetary geological features for future missions to the Moon, Mars and asteroids. Pangaea-X is a test campaign that brings together geology, high-tech survey equipment and space exploration. Astronauts, scientists, operations experts and instrumentation engineers work side-by-side to advance European know-how of integrated human and robotics mission operations. Astronauts from five space agencies around the world take part in ESA’s CAVES training course which prepares them to work safely and effectively in multicultural teams in an environment where safety is critical.

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