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Spaceclick S.R.L.
Società a socio unico
Via Enrico Toti 2, 20123 Milano, Italy
Cap. Soc. 10.000€ i.v. – Registro imprese di Milano – REA MI 2622375
C.F./P.IVA/VAT.N. – IT 11732700965

Email: info@spaceclick.com
DPO: privacy@spaceclick.com
Certified Email (PEC): ask us via email
Phone: ask us via email

CEO: Leonardo Turchi
Spaceclick is a recognised European SME (compliant with EU 2003/361)

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Privacy Policy

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Cookie Policy

Terms and Conditions

Information on the conditions of use

Spaceclick.com is the front portal of the company Spaceclick S.r.l..

Together with the description of the corporate services, Spaceclick.com also includes a blog for scientific and technology topics, to be intended as not specialized. The articles are written by specific company representatives. Any news is published without any periodicity, without any economic return, and whenever possible, citing the source, to which all the rights of the case go.

In general all subdomains of the parent site Spaceclick.com respect the conditions of this site. Every time you use or give access to this website you accept these terms of use and any changes that may be made with or without notification from us. Furthermore, if you are using a particular service provided by or through our site, you are subject to the rules and guidelines of that service which are an integral part of these terms of use.

The contents published on all pages and sections of the Spaceclick.com website can not be replicated, even partially, on other websites, mailing lists, newsletters, paper magazines, compact-disks, or other without the prior authorization of the site owner, independently for profit purposes. The authorization must be requested in writing by e-mail and is considered accepted only with a precise consent of the site owner, always in writing. Silence does not give rise to any authorization. The brands mentioned in Spaceclick.com are exclusive to their respective owners. These trademarks are mentioned in Spaceclick.com for informational purposes only and Spaceclick.com has no rights to them. The contents of the individual posts and the related comments represent the point of view of the respective authors.
All logos and trademarks ™ displayed on this site are trademarks ® registered by their respective owners.
The news and the articles for communication distributed on this site are to be considered “as is”. Any information obtained via RSS is redistributed without profit and citing the source, which in any case is considered as the owner of the information and their intellectual property.

The news of Spaceclick.com are updated without any periodicity, the frequency of the articles is not pre-established and can not therefore be considered an editorial product or a newspaper according to the Italian law n. 62 of 07/03/2001.

Our site and the services provided by it or through it are provided “as is” and therefore the managers and owners of this site do not assume any responsibility for punctuality, cancellation, accuracy or failure to deliver or store any data, communication or personalization of the member. By visiting this site you accept that its owners reserve the right and can, at any time, without notice and / or motivations and without any responsibility towards you, change or cancel access to this site and all its services, or delete the data you provide, temporarily or permanently.
The site managers assume no responsibility for any damages, direct or indirect, that may occur as a result of using the information on Spaceclick.com.

Conditions of use for the Applications
The terms of use related to applications (or apps) distributed by Spaceclick.com are expressed in this section.
Apps that use internet connections follow the following privacy rules.

Some apps to work best need an internet connection for access to external sites, from where they take content, images and data. Images and information are taken from feeds available to the public for free.
We do not store or transmit information to servers (by way of example: ip addresses, e-mails, user or device information) through the app, except for reasons of: extraordinary maintenance, mandatory access, investigation of anomalies, need for login to dedicated contents. The information in any case will be retained only for the minimum time necessary for the completion of the activity in progress and always anonymised at the time of a possible saving in the archive.
The application does not store or share your personal information with third parties.
The ability to access internet may be required to update information, download new content, view notifications, geo-localize (at the request of the user) and for advertising banners.
The author is not responsible for any data traffic (Wifi / 3G / 4G) charged for downloading and using the services. A special notification at the first start will inform the user of this request.

You could still be tracked following a visit to one of the links (to third-party sites) proposed by the app and / or in case of displaying content in the web-browser integrated into the app. In this case we refer you to the privacy information of the respective suppliers. The geolocation function, if present and activated on the user’s consent, will use the coordinates of the device only in the context of the function used, and will not store nor forward any data to third parties.

Information about your app usage preferences (eg font size) is typically saved within your roaming profile, which is linked to the Microsoft / Google / Apple account (if available) with which you have login in Windows / Android / iOS.
This information is not recorded or transmitted externally, but transits only on the servers of the provider of your operating system, as provided by the terms of the relevant app stores (synchronization settings via roaming-profile).

The information contained in the app is updated at the date of publication, we decline any responsibility for inaccuracies or errors. Some static content may have source from external sites such as Wikipedia. All responsibility and copyright are own by them.

All applications published in the store (both free and paid) may be removed temporarily or permanently without notice. There will be no reimbursement of the purchase cost (as foreseen by the conditions of Microsoft / Google / Apple). In case of technical problems, they can be hidden temporarily from the store.

Application updates may be released without notice. They may be necessary to fix bugs, increase or decrease functionality, or to make the application compatible with a new version of the operating system in which they run. We disclaim all responsibility for possible – and in this case irrecoverable – loss of data resulting from updates. It will be up to the user to create a personal copy of the data, before consenting to the download of the new version.

This privacy statement is subject to change without notice.

If you need more information, or if you have any questions, please visit the contact page.

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