3D Travel in The Solar System with NASA

Eyes on the Solar System”  

is the name given to the program created by NASA in order to know all the details of the Solar System and space missions. 

A new interactive website, which combines the technology of interactive video games with data from the American agency, which allows you to navigate between planets, moons and asteroids using your home computer. You have to install the special plug-in, which you can download for free and turns your keyboard and mouse commands into tools to explore space. 

In addition to experiencing the emotions of a space mission in real time first-hand, you can also travel through time. In fact, the application contains the data stored in NASA archives since 1950, and also forecasts until 2050. 

Thanks to the controls you can move your vantage point even aboard of a spaceship. Users can also choose whether to make the trip in two or three dimensions, arming themselves in this case with the appropriate goggles. 

Visit the official website.
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