8 Apps Every Coder Should Have on Phone & Laptop

Coding requires intense dedication and good concentration power to work for hours with no interruptions. To be a successful coder, you need an intuitive workflow and a streamlined process. Coding apps provide a convenient way to learn coding skills from anywhere.

The apps add different ways to make learning interactive and test knowledge. Some tools are designed for laptops, while some of them are compatible with smartphones. Many apps provide free versions while others need paid subscriptions to use advanced features.  


Created by a team of developers at Google, Grasshopper is specifically designed for beginners to learn code and JavaScript. It is free and features a drag-and-drop style code editor, visual puzzle, and quick games to make learning highly interactive.

You can solve visual issues and receive real-time feedback. Both Android and app users can use this app to earn a certificate and award after completing the course. Mac users who simply need code editors can use Notepad++ equivalent for Mac to edit code for their projects.   


It is a comprehensive coding platform for beginners providing multiple languages. For example, C++, Java, SQL, JavaScript, and Python. The basic subscription is free while the Pro version costs $12.99 and $69.99 monthly and annually respectively.  

Sololearn combines traditional quizzes and puzzles within the community. All courses are divided into several sections which are further partitioned into chapters. You can improve your competitive spirit and share the outcomes with other users on the app’s social platform.  

Programming Hub

If you want to learn at your own speed excitingly, then Programming Hub is a viable choice for you. It is an attractive coding app to learn 20 different languages with beginner to advanced coding lessons.

Here, you’ll find more than 5,000 programming examples in over 20 programming languages. Moreover, it offers courses in digital marketing, AI, ethical hacking, app development, and more. You can download it for free while app purchases are also available.


This is a self-paced JavaScript-based Android coding app for beginners with a user-friendly interface and essential assignments. It supports multiple languages like HTML, CSS, Python, and JavaScript.

Learners who lack time can opt for short lessons perfect for information retention. Moreover, you can keep track of your learning throughout the process by receiving feedback through interactive tutorials.

Codecademy Go

This is a mobile app version of the preferred online coding courses of Codecademy. Although it doesn’t have the identical features and functionality as Codecademy’s online platform, it provides great opportunities to practice coding.

Codecademy Go is best for beginners because it provides a chance to create a coding portfolio, a simple lesson structure, and community support. CSS, HTML, and Python are some coding languages available in this free and app-purchase course.


According to learners’ reviews, Enki is a great coding app for developing data science and programming skills. Most content is available for free, however, to get access to the entire content, consider the purchased version at $7.99 monthly.

With this app, you can study everything like JavaScript, Airtable, Binary, and spreadsheets. The lessons are customized based on the learner’s skill level and preferences. The app offers more than 2,500 lessons and a collaborating community.


This interactive online course is designed for beginners to learn Java programming code. Learners can benefit from practical knowledge and theoretical aspects in an interactive environment while having lots of fun. The app consists of around 1200 tasks to practice with Java programming.

For example, developing a Sokoban game, an ATM emulator, etc. It is primarily designed for people willing to learn coding on Android. The trial version can be accessed for free while the premium plan comes at the cost of $49 monthly. For analyzing your coding style, go with the Premium Pro plan with a $99 cost per month.  

Khan Academy

Available for Android and iOS devices, Khan Academy is the best app for developers interested in learning several languages and disciplines. It costs nothing to learn programming. The app provides courses in different subjects.

The app covers everything like full-stack development, coding, etc. Moreover, the academy also has courses designed for CSS, JavaScript, SQL, and HTML. You can access science and programming content, a free learning library, and more content.  


Being a coder is a challenging job that needs working smarter and harder. Trying the above mentioned innovative tools can reduce the coding burden by providing some guidance and better refining your workflow.


Ensuring accuracy at each phase will lead to less struggle with bugs and getting optimum outcomes based on requirements. So, use any of the apps based on your coding needs weighing both pros and cons. Don’t solely depend on technology but use your coding skills also. 

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