Facebook: deactivate photo tag suggestions

Facebook has long since introduced facial recognition of photographs to facilitate TAG activity for users. 

This means that when you add a photo with friends/parents/etc… the system recognises their faces directly in the photo and suggests the tags to insert. 

Obviously the function is two-way, as your acquaintances will also be able to tag you by suggestion.


If you want to disable this feature, and thus prevent Facebook scripts

from analyzing other people’s photos by looking for your face, you can do the following: 

  1. On Facebook, at the top, next to the padlock symbol, 
    there is a small arrow pointing downwards, click on it and go to 'Settings'. 
  2. In the new page that opens, from the left panel go to 'Journal and added tags'  
  3. go to the 'How do I manage people's added tags and tag suggestions' section 
  4. Now click on 'Who sees tag suggestions when uploading photos 
    where you appear to be present? 
  5. in the menu that opens you can choose your preferred option. 

Once you have deactivated the tag suggestions, Facebook will no longer suggest your friends to tag you when they upload a photo with you. 

Although, of course, your friends will be able to tag you manually, even if you deactivate this feature on the settings panel. 

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