Windows 10 keyboard shortcut (commands)

The new Microsoft operating system (Windows 10) has brought, along with other new features, new quick commands to use with the keyboard. 

Very useful if we use the computer on a daily basis, especially in the workplace. 

Below is a list of the main ones: 

  • Windows Key + Tab: activates Task View 
  • Windows + A key: activates the Action Center 
  • Windows + C key: Cortana (voice query) 
  • Windows + D key: show Desktop 
  • Windows + E key: opens Windows Explorer 
  • Windows + G button: opens the new Xbox bar to take screenshots and record game sessions 
  • Windows + H key: opens the sharing menu 
  • Windows + I key: opens System Settings 
  • Windows +K button: enables streaming audio video to external wireless devices (Connect) 
  • Windows +L key: blocks the system 
  • Windows +P key: Activate Screen Projection function (Miracast) 
  • Windows +R key: execute a command 
  • Windows +S key: activate Cortana 
  • Windows +X key: opens power user function menu 
  • Windows + up/down/left/right button: scrolls between applications 
  • Windows + Crtl + D key: create a new virtual desktop 
  • Windows key + Crtl + F4: closes a virtual desktop 
  • Windows key + Crtl + right/left: scrolls virtual desktops 
  • Windows + Shift + right/left key: moves apps from one monitor to another 
  • Windows button + 1, 2, 3…: opens the pinned programs on the taskbar (1,2… is the position on the bar, from the left) 
  • Windows + Down key: Resizes a window to a full screen/ minimizes a resized window. 
  • Windows + up key: enlarges a resized window/opens a minimized window 
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